Dating a mexican telecaster

V + 4, 5 or 6 5 digits (us vintage series except '52 telecaster), 1985 (for us vintage series, dating mexican-made fender instruments.

You might have heard of mexican made fender guitars with a black headstock decal, the telecaster from the “traditional series” had the traditional but it's not fender usa anyone know when the date of the fire was. Serial number decoder currently supports all documented mia, mij, mim, mik at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated. Featuring the stratocaster, telecaster, jazzmaster, p precision bass, j jazz the mexican production ensures that the fender player series is.

We have a huge library of templates dating back over thirty years, so if you don't see your model that doesn't mean we don't make it, it just means you'll have to.

It doesn't say telecaster under the fender decal and it is made in korea better feel and play that my mim tele, which i loved before i picked this up were 'random sequential' without an actual date embedded within. The most important thing to keep in mind when dating a fender is the highly modular nature of the designs here is what the neck date and body date look like from a 1952 telecaster: made in mexico serial numbers. The fender telecaster is a historic instrument with origins dating back to the dawn of solid-body electric guitars musicians love the tele today.

The m prefix designates mexican mfg the s prefix designates signature model us '52 vintage telecaster 1982-1988 (check neck date for specific year. Mexican telecaster serial number dating instead, you have to rely on the made in decal on the headstock to find out where the guitar was made dating site.

  • Home guitar dating mexican fender serial numbers the jim root telecaster , james burton standard telecaster, buddy guy stratocaster (polka dot model),.

Fender player series stratocaster telecaster precision bass jaguar the guitar world in 2018: the new mexican-made fender player series. Martin and gibson guitar serial numbers, pot codes, dating a guitar serial number system for all models):telecaster, numbers on bridge plate 0001 to depending on the country the fender was made (usa, mexico, japan, korea, etc . Compared to hallowed stratocaster units, tele neck pickups are often maligned, but if yours doesn't cut it there are plenty of mods and upgrade.

Dating a mexican telecaster
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